Product Highlight: Longvida® 400mg Capsules

As a quick way to help our customers to enter the market with our award-winning Longvida® Optimized Curcumin®, we offer the possibility to purchase high quality,  Longvida® 400mg capsules in bulks, delivering 80mg of clinically researched curcuminoids.

With over 67 publications, Longvida®has been clinically researched for healthy aging, cognitive & retinal health, exercise recovery, joint health, oral health, vascular support, oxidative stress, systemic inflammation, immune support and more. Several human clinical studies (with a dose of 400mg/day) demonstrate Longvida® efficacy as the Cognitive Curcumin of Choice™, with exciting results in cognitive function and mood only one (1) hour after supplementation.

For more information visit our Longvida® 400mg capsules dedicated page or click here to download the product profile sheet.