COSMETORIUM 2021: LEHVOSS Iberia - Natural, sustainable and biotechnological Ingredients

In the last edition of COSMETORIUM, LEHVOSS Iberia presented new and innovative solutions from our partner suppliers. Among the most interesting novelties, we would like to highlight the portfolio of AETHERA BIOTECH and ORGANIC BIOACTIVES, two manufacturers of active ingredients of natural biotechnological origin.

AETHERA (Italy), during the speech done in a Techfocus session, focused on the MetropolePure CROP®-G: a new active to combat skin ¨inflamm –aging¨ obtained through the patented CROP® technology platform (Controlled Release of Optimized Plants), through which AETHERA obtains highly standardized phytocomplexes from various botanical species with a high content of bioactives.

The CROP® technology solves the problems of natural ingredients and provides repeatability in their production process, guaranteed efficacy, avoiding problems of seasonality and availability of natural products. The complete range of products developed by AETHERA, covers any claim (anti-redness, anti-aging, sebum reduction, antioxidants, anti-inflamm-aging,…), being the perfect partner for natural and efficient cosmetic solutions. 

On the other hand, following the “Clean Beauty” movement, the new line of active ingredients under the name OceanDerMX™ from ORGANIC BIOACTIVES (New Zealand) was launched in Spain. ORGANIC BIOACTIVE has developed a patented technology called TPT®. It´s a 100% chemical-free extraction technology that allows ORGANIC BIOACTIVES to obtain high levels of bioactives present in algae and other local sourced ingredients, which due to New Zealand's growing and cultivation conditions has a higher action and effectiveness. The TPT® technology received the L´OREAL Innovation winner award in the 2020.

OceanDerMX™ range comprises four NATRUE certified actives ingredients compatible with Ecocert, COSMOS, being China Compliance:

  • OceanDerMX™ Lift & Firm
  • OceanDerMX™ Restore & Protect
  • OceanDerMX™ Balance & Brighten
  • OceanDerMX™ Calm & Sooth

Please, contact us to request more information about these ingredients or any of our other ingredients or finished formulations we showed at our stand during Cosmetorium 2021.